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Traditional Networks

We offer a full complement of equipment for traditional networks. Whether you run a small business, large corporation or public agency, we have the equipment you need to keep your network connected.
Nothing stalls productivity like a network failure. Building a network with hardware that has been subjected to extensive QA testing and is backed by warranties is the best way to ensure that your core network never goes offline. At Relay Networks, we offer top-flight traditional networking hardware and white-glove customer service designed to help you build your network from the ground up.

We offer routers, switches, modules, servers and accessories from a broad range of manufacturers.

Indoor Wireless

By partnering with manufacturers like Xirrus, we are able to offer high-performance, high-density Wi-Fi hardware. We have helped logistic company, Oil and Gas, government sector, schools, universities, hospitals and hotels build reliable wireless networks.

Whether you run a hotel that hosts several conferences every year or University with thousands of students, wireless connectivity is a must. An interruption in wireless service can derail important activities. That's why it's essential to ensure that your wireless network hardware is back by warranties and subjected to extensive quality assurance testing. At Relay Networks, we stand firmly behind every piece of indoor wireless hardware that we sell.


If a product is of good quality, the people who sell it should be willing to stand behind it. That is why we back everything we sell with our own warranties, in addition to manufacturer warranties.


We stop at nothing to ensure that our clients are satisfied. Our direct account representatives will always put you first, and if a piece of equipment goes down, we will have a replacement sent out to you that very same day.

Outdoor Wireless

In areas where connectivity is limited, building a wireless network means starting with top-flight outdoor wireless equipment. With help from partners like major ISP Networks, we are able to help build your network and also help you build your outbaund network from point to point and point to multi-point networks from ground up.