Intruder And Burglar Alarm Security System

Theft and criminal damage by intruders mean a constant threat and ever increasing costs to Homes & Businesses.

Whether you need external or intruder detection, building security, or to safeguard key internal areas we have the answers you need.

TAGLogicTech Security Systems will assess the particular risks your premises and operations present, and build a burglar alarm solution around them.

Our approach to Intruder Alarms and Security Alarm Systems ensures that your system solution is user-friendly, simple, trouble free and effective at protecting your Home, Family, Property, Business, Employees, Visitors, Information and Assets

Security Systems need 24 hour support – regular servicing ensures that your system meets insurance conditions. It cuts downtime, maintains performance, and helps equipment provide longer service.

Callouts for emergencies and system resets are important too. Delays can be dangerous and expensive. we can provide the support you need.

Digital Communicator – is where your alarm is connected to our Alarm Receiving Centre via a telephone line. When the alarm is triggered, our Alarm Receiving Centre receives notification of an alarm and summons the relevant emergency services

RedcareGSM – one of the most secure forms of alarm monitoring available it has a back up of two paths and is capable of sending a confirmed activation' to ensure police response even if the telephone has been cut

Rising intrusion threats and dire consequences of such invasion make its imperative for business and home owners to look for the appropriate security solutions to keep their premises safe. No wonder, a lot of Nigeria are going for security alarm systems which provide a simple and cost effective remedy against forced intrusion in homes as well as commercial establishments.

We arrange inspections and routine maintenance,

We supply and install anywhere in Nigeria and Africa.