Biometrics & Fingerprint Time and Attendance Systems

When you want accuracy and improvement on your employees attendance and labor cost the Handpunch, Finger Print Scanner and Facial Recognition Systems are the most accurate method to collect payroll data.

The most recommended biometric solutions for Government Agencies and Private Sector. Highly dependable recognition system and easy to use. Our Biometric Handpunch, Finger Print and Facial Recognition System comes with proprietary custom built Legatoweb Time and Attendance Software.

Use as access control on secured facilities. Our Biometric Handpunch, Finger Print and Facial Recognition System has the capablitily to be used as door access control system. No more keys and badges to loose. Just use your Hand, Finger or Face to get into your most secured premises.

Biometrics access control systems use human physical traits to uniquely recognize or identify persons. The most common biometric access control system is a fingerprint reader. Using a person's fingerprint, the reader is able to determine who is trying to gain access to the system. Most biometrics systems also include time and attendance logging. When a person places his or her fingerprint on the device, the device stores that user's fingerprint on its internal database. This can be downloaded through a USB flash drive, over the network or via RS485 interface.

Using biometric systems has advantages over using proximity card based system. One advantage is fingerprint readers prevent buddy punching incidents. In a card based system, a registered person may pass his or her card to an acquiantance and have that acquaintance access the restricted area or log his or her time. While a fingerprint reader is generally more expensive than a proximity card reader, the device pays for itself in savings from not having to buy cards for each employee.

We offer a wide range of integrated electronic Biometrics & Fingerprint Time and Attendance Systems

We supply and install anywhere in Nigeria and Africa.