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    Server Installation
    Server Management
    Network Installation
    Firewall Deployment
    Wired and Wireless Infrastructure
    VPN, Transfer and Allocation of Internal Resources
    Remote Support.
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    Logistics Management
    Reliable, Guaranteed & Safe
    Enterprise Logistics
    Server Logistics
    Network Logistics
    General Business Logistics
    Hardware and Software Logistics
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    Intelligence driven security
    Easy and Remote Monotoring
    Access Control
    Metal Detector
    Fire Alarm System...
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Quality Work

With diligence, dedication and decisiveness that you can trust, TAGLogicTech is your valued partner in Information Technology.

Works Everywhere

From Data Warehouses to the complexities of The Network, we have you covered from the front end to the back. We are aready for you.

Responsive Design

We do the heavy technical lifting so that our valued clients are free to create, imagine, and build as they see fit.

Web Hosting Service - Best affordable web hosting service you can depend on.

We are thought leaders. We offer clients insights from our education, research, and consulting practice to shape the business agendas of organizations. Managing organizational change requires new leadership and an innovative approach. Our strategy is to help you create, guide, and transform new sources of economic value into beneficial change.

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Our Enterprise Business Unit is Certified Enterprise Architecture Partner in the Emerging Commercial Market, covering the corporate, government and medium market segments. Our company has certified sales team, professional engineers, and technicians that handle a very active and demanding type of technologies...

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Web site design creates powerful emotional background and helps users to catch the idea of the project at the initial stage of project adoption. It is a powerful instrument to create "love at first sight" effect in users' minds long before they are able to study the features or realize the value of your project. It will never be a second chance to make the first impression, and no one would risk such an opportunity for nothing. That is why we put professional web site design as one of our core expertise...

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We provides the most current and advanced security technology to our customers, In order to ensure there peace-of-mind. Also We're technology experts. We know the specs of the hardware our solutions require, and we can work with you not only to understand system requirements and your institution's needs, but also to deliver and install new equipment and provide service and support after the sale.

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Our Goal

To turn great ideas into practical realities which make all of our clients to see us as a trusted source for outstanding service and sound guidance


We analyse so the right activities can be implemented throughout the project lifecycle to meet project satisfaction and time demand.


By carrying out and execute all analysed plans for the project. In a method of strong design and professional team work for project achievement.

Our Clients and Partners

They are and not limited to...